The War Against Boredom

Well, I am doing my best but it is a challenge. Yesterday I had a job interview and was hired at a Meijer gas station so I am now carrying two part-time jobs. I am also getting all kinds of extra hours at the library due to sick and vacationing co-workers. So things are getting better.
I think this new job will be alright. Admittedly, it was not my first choice. I have been submitting apps all over Jackson for about a month and they are the first to call me so I figure, might as well just go for it. Better than sitting around waiting for something better. My folks kind of disagree. They say I should find something else. Well, they have a point but I really did look and I would really hate to turn this down and end up not getting called by anyone. So that is my situation. I hope it works out. This will really reduce my free time. This is good except for never getting to see Ash anymore. That pretty much blows. I wish there was some way around that.
I’ve been trying to choose my classes for this fall semester at JCC. It’s getting harder now that I have taken so many of the easy basics. I think I’ll take a few computer classes, even though they are not on the MACRAO. They will probably make me better at my job and there are a few that look really basic. I should really get down to that, though.

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