My 2020 Year In Review

Well that was a garbage filled burning train wreck. I almost dare not look back for fear of being Medusa’d by the wretched catastrophic turd buffet that was last year. I’ve never written a year in review post before. Why start now? Well a lot happened, that’s why. A lot that I haven’t talked about […]

George the orange cat

On August 29th, 2017, our daughter Abigail was born. We brought her home from the hospital a couple days later and, though I can’t recall the exact day, were very soon after surprised to discover a stray cat on our doorstep. Now, we’d been living in the same house here in Jackson for over eight […]

WordPress Jeopardy

wordpress jeopardy

Yesterday at WordCamp Ann Arbor 2019, I hosted three rounds of WordPress Jeopardy as a fun way to conclude our event. To make it possible I created a beginner, an intermediate, and an advanced Jeopardy game using a free tool I found called Jeopardylabs. I worked pretty hard on the questions and so in the […]

Awesome Client Guides from Michelle Schulp

There are many things in life I consider indisputable facts. Any food can be made better by wrapping it in a tortilla. Adam Sandler makes exactly 18.73 times more money than his contributions to human history warrant. Evil Artificial Intelligence exists today in the form of printers. Ohio sucks. Talent is not required to succeed in the entertainment […]