Top 10 Albums from the 1980’s

The 1980’s may not have been the best for movies, but there was a lot of great music released in this highly innovative and transitional decade. Metal got ridiculously fast, the electric organ and the synthesizer got more then their fair share of airtime and an extremely wide array of diverse styles entered the scene. […]

Top 10 Modern Rock Bands

jack white and meg white

My criteria for this list is that the band peaked in popularity post 2000 at least and are still going. But these are the bands I like the most who have rocked this most recent decade. 10. Fuel Ever since I got their Natural Selection album I was a huge Fuel fan. They have so […]

Great Show at Cuppa

Just completed another fun show at Cuppa today. It was so much fun. Somehow everyone found out it was the day before my birthday and Mandy made me a delicious apple pie. It was so cool! I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to hang out with all these great people over at Cuppa […]

More of the Same

Still trying to come up with a good band name. A friend suggested the “Spice Boys” which I was considering. Anybody have any good ideas? Ian and I are talking over some cool ideas and trying to see how much spare time we can afford to work on our music projects. We have been really […]

Band Name Ideas

Ian and I are very seriously looking for some cool band name ideas. We have been performing at Cuppa Coffee all summer and are getting to the point where we think we may as well give ourselves a name. I am hoping to come up with something pretty soon so if you have any thoughts, […]

Music ratings

I like to talk about music. I could do so all day and never run out of things to say. So, my thinking is that this blog would be the perfect place for me to share my thoughts on the subject without boring the snot out of anyone against their will. It is perfect because […]