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I like to talk about music. I could do so all day and never run out of things to say. So, my thinking is that this blog would be the perfect place for me to share my thoughts on the subject without boring the snot out of anyone against their will. It is perfect because you DON’T HAVE TO READ THIS! You may be thinking “This is a really boring blog post. Kyle is totally off his rocker. I think I will go sever the lines to his internet connection so we can rid the world of constant, ludicrous postings.” Well, to that I say: just stop reading. Anyway, here are some thoughts.

Chevelle rocks. No question, they are AMAZING! I love absolutely everything they do. If you have never heard of this band and dig true, intelligent, brilliant rock music then I absolutely recommend this band. Here is a link to their wikipedia page and here is a video.

As you can see, they kick butt. I am serious when I say that EVERYTHING they do is good. The current lineup in the band is all family members. I kind of think that is pretty neat.

Apart from Chevelle, my other top “modern” rock band would have to be Avenged Sevenfold. That band is possibly the most talented musical group I can think of. Recently recovering from the death of their drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, the guys from Ax7 have changed dramatically over the course of their short but brilliant career. I must caution with this though, since this band is a little…..hard core. Especially their early compositions, which happen to be my favorite. I don’t expect many people to like them but I think they are incredible and I never tire of their aggressive, over-the-top style of metal. They are usually placed in a metal sub-genre which I feel poorly suits them and I am not a fan of any other band in that category. Ax7 I feel is unique. Here is a video for one of my favorite songs from them. One of their oldest, made back when some of the band members were still teenagers.

Kind of a nice piano ballad. Most of their stuff is more in-your-face, shred style which also appeals to me if done well.

Well, my back hurts. I am done for now.

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