Home Improvement Never Ends

Lately we’ve been tackling some serious home improvement projects. I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished and believe we’re going in an awesome direction. This house that we purchased more than five years ago has turned out to be a perfect home for us and has really come a long way. This past weekend I […]


I’m still really looking for inspiration for my blog’s design. Very open to suggestions. I love playing with CSS and tweaking things out. I just need ideas. I would welcome anyone sharing links to blogs that have a nice look and might inspire me. I love doing this stuff, I’m just not creative when it […]


Now this is an awesome site. I am a pretty work-focused guy during the day so it is rare that anything is able to really throw me off and distract me while I’m in productive mode. But once in a while a site comes along thats just…awesome. Badass of the Week

Party…he he

Party at my house tonight. Last week before school starts for the fall. Looking forward to a continuing tradition in my collegiate career: every semester will always be worse than the last. This fall marks my first term in which I have zero classes I am excited about. 4 out of 4 this fall are […]