Bevs are Back

Happy Easter!

It has been a long winter and a long Lent. This year for my Lenten penance I chose to set aside all beverages besides water. It is the same penance I chose last year and maybe the year before. The fact that I have recent been unable to select a more creative annual sacrifice disappoints me a little. But it is a nice challenge.

It is a tough decision every year. Each Lent I get to reflect on my personal weaknesses and opportunities for growth which I value highly. However, I find that I don’t indulge in many things and am thus limited in options, more so than I remember being when growing up.

Beverages are really a nice challenge though. Some of the challenging points surprise me including what I want most by the end which is usually something like chocolate milk. I find it really helps me appreciated those moments where I enjoy a tasty drink. Like the coffee in the morning with my wife or colleagues, the wine some evenings with my wife or the beer on Sunday with my cousin George.

Another lesson I learned is to do my very best to keep my sacrifice to myself. Otherwise certain individuals may decide it is especially entertaining to bring over a six pack of beer to my house and drink them all in front of me while I try to work. Highly amusing.

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