Schwans Visit

Steve, Rogan and I were working on my porch this afternoon. Pretty enjoyable to sit outside on a nice day, put your feet up and bang through your to-do list. I got a lot done today. Some time mid-afternoon a Schwans truck pulled up in front of my house and shortly after two dudes strolled […]

Stupid Causes

There are many causes I support. There are many I do not. As I’m sure you know, sharing affiliations to such causes in non-constructive, provocative ways is a very popular pastime of many people on social networking sites such as Facebook. Personally, I am tired of being subjected to hundreds of ignorant, obnoxious posts from […]

Jason jokes

Jason Howell

So this buddy of mine……somewhat of an amateur comedian, is known far and wide for his charm and wit AND his never ending supply of brief, corny, knee-slapping jokes. I took it upon myself to compile a short list of some of my personal favorites and his most classic. Those who know him well like […]

Totally hilarious

I found this to be absolutely hilarious. It is so flippin’ true!!  Phonecall:  Result: Cage: Nick Cage’s phone. This is Nick Cage. Cage’s Agent: Nick, baby, I got a movie offer for you on my desk. Cage: I’ll do it. Cage’s Agent: Don’t you want to see a script or something? Cage: I haven’t read a script since Leaving Las […]