Stupid Causes

There are many causes I support. There are many I do not. As I’m sure you know, sharing affiliations to such causes in non-constructive, provocative ways is a very popular pastime of many people on social networking sites such as Facebook. Personally, I am tired of being subjected to hundreds of ignorant, obnoxious posts from people who have no original thought of their own but want everyone to know where they stand.

This is why I created Stupid Causes. It is a part of my personal effort to pledge my own allegiances on social networks in an amusing way while subtly mocking the constant controversy clowns who will have no idea they are the butt of my joke.

Of course, some of you will think this is kind of mean. Some of you will think this isn’t even funny at all. Most of you will think I have way too much time on my hands. But regardless, if there are any of you out there who are tired of the onslaught of political commentary from the woefully un-informed, then I ask that you join me in my effort by sharing some of the causes below on Facebook. Also, I encourage you to make your own or leave comments behind of similar causes I could promote here.

I hope you enjoy.

bbq chicken
cat juggling
cheeseburgers with bacon
long guitar solos
luke skywalker
matching socks
sour gummy worms
stephen colbert

5 thoughts on “Stupid Causes

  1. Good question Jason. You can support any cause you like. The point is to share it publicly on FB so everyone who doesn’t care to know where you stand will be informed of your support.

    Perhaps you could voice your strong support for anti-gravity.

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