Jackson B2B Meetup

Lately I have been attending the Jackson B2B Meetup group’s two, weekly meetings. It is an excellent group and I feel privileged to be able to attend. I have found it to very educational and an excellent networking opportunity.

Today was my turn at the meeting to make a 10 minute presentation about myself and my company, Real Big Marketing. I have been pretty excited about this for over a month now.

To prepare for this occasion, I reflected a lot on what I wanted to talk about and came up with the idea for illustrating the power we as individuals have to help support local businesses we think highly of, with very little effort. To help demonstrate this I created this infographic called “How To Really Say Thank You“. I hope you like it and that you will also reflect a little on what you can do to help local businesses, besides giving them your money. Enjoy, and feel free to share.

B2B handout


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