I started a podcast about football

point after studio

I’ve done lots of podcasting in the past. Interview shows, topical education shows, advice shows, etc. Just a few weeks ago I started something new with a couple local friends and I’m absolutely loving it. The background: Last year (2020) two friends of mine and I started a group text in which we would talk […]

How I used riddles to create a fun activity for a virtual team retreat

I run operations at a software company called Sandhills Development and one of my responsibilities is planning our occasional team retreats. I wrote about some of them before including our 2017 All Hands and our 2019 All Hands. For the past few years our fully distributed team has been getting together in-person at least once […]

WordPress Jeopardy

wordpress jeopardy

Yesterday at WordCamp Ann Arbor 2019, I hosted three rounds of WordPress Jeopardy as a fun way to conclude our event. To make it possible I created a beginner, an intermediate, and an advanced Jeopardy game using a free tool I found called Jeopardylabs. I worked pretty hard on the questions and so in the […]

Stupid Causes

There are many causes I support. There are many I do not. As I’m sure you know, sharing affiliations to such causes in non-constructive, provocative ways is a very popular pastime of many people on social networking sites such as Facebook. Personally, I am tired of being subjected to hundreds of ignorant, obnoxious posts from […]

Stupid DVD Rentals

The way we watch movies has changed in so many ways over the past several decades. When everything switched from VHS tapes to DVDs the experience of watching films at home took a huge leap forward. But…..not quite far enough. I think we are experiencing a new transition now with Blu-Rays and streaming and I […]