Creating Scratch Off Posters

A year and a half ago I started a small side business for fun with a good friend of mine. We’ve been designing and developing an array of physical retail products and selling them online and it’s been quite a journey. The main line of products we have invested our time, talents, and money into has been scratch off posters.

I’ve been a fan of scratch off posters for a long time. I enjoy challenging bucket lists and also reminiscing about past experiences so a visual memorial hanging on the wall illustrating my journey makes me happy. The ensuing conversations when visitors observe and remark upon my progress is also enjoyable.

Anyway, Ben and I started making scratch off posters and have had a blast continuing to develop more of them. We launched our first ones on Amazon last December and they did reasonably well. Slower since the holidays but still going strong.

We made our own site for all the products we sell and have a page specifically for all the scratch off posters. I’m proud of that page in particular. It represents a lot of effort and showcases the products I think are the coolest.

As of now we have the following posters:

Here are the links:

Recently Ben and I went to some local breweries to do a photo shoot with our Michigan Breweries scratch off poster:

Most of these we are currently having printed locally, applying gold scratch foil by hand, and manually fulfilling every order. Several are available on Amazon too.

I’ve got plenty of ideas of what to make next but just taking it one poster at a time. Open to suggestions!

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