I started a podcast about football

point after studio

I’ve done lots of podcasting in the past. Interview shows, topical education shows, advice shows, etc. Just a few weeks ago I started something new with a couple local friends and I’m absolutely loving it. The background: Last year (2020) two friends of mine and I started a group text in which we would talk […]

I was on Kitchen Sink WP

A few weeks back, my good friend Adam Silver invited me to be a guest on his popular WordPress podcast Kitchen Sink WP. Adam’s podcast has been one of my favorites for a long time. It is a short but information packed show, recorded weekly and always entertaining. I was a listener long before I met […]

Of People and Parties

Started summer classes today. It actually wasn’t too bad. I met some nice people in class. Had lunch with a couple really cool guys and later met another passionate musician which lead to some great conversations. Pleasantly surprising given I had very little hope for this semester. Mowed the lawn for the first time this […]

Other good blogs

I totally love my wife’s new blog. She has been documenting the ridiculous antics of our family felines. Pretty hilarious stuff. She has also done an excellent job of photographing the furrballs. Overall a great blog. Mom’s blog is also really good. Plenty of wacky tales from back home and lots of really good pictures. […]