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I thought it might be a nice time to share a few updates on how things have been going this summer. It has been a very eventful one, for sure.

But since it has been so incredibly packed full I am going to have to give the high-speed, detail free version. So here goes:
Beau Bear had an itch.
I got soaked at the Jackson Blues Fest.
We saw a deer in someone’s yard.
We replaced the sliding back door.
Ash made a really delicious meal.
Jason graduated from kollij.
A cat attacked my foot.
We burned a wagon.
We worked on the house (a LOT).
Mother-in-law taught us all to dance.
I ate the best burgers of all time.
We adopted Dr. Puddingstone.
And I am exhausted.
That pretty much covers it. Good day to you all.

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