Party…he he

Party at my house tonight. Last week before school starts for the fall. Looking forward to a continuing tradition in my collegiate career: every semester will always be worse than the last. This fall marks my first term in which I have zero classes I am excited about. 4 out of 4 this fall are […]

Guess who’s back

In the director’s chair that is. Along with my close chum Jason, I have returned to film directing for a time. We are currently working on a brilliant piece of work with an all-star cast. This feature film is a wacky comedy with one particular new element that has not yet been seen in any […]

A day, like any other

My head hurts. I have been working diligently today on a new website design for my father in law’s business. Been using Photoshop and Dreamweaver heavily. It is very slow going. I want very much to get good at this. It is very satisfying and allows for so much creativity. I guess I just need […]

Open Source

So I have been researching alternative software lately. Primarily focusing on free, open source applications such as internet browsers, office suites, photo editing, and even operating systems. It has proven to be a fascinating and rewarding endeavor. For starters I explored alternative internet browsers. It is now common knowledge, it seems that Internet Explorer is […]

Cool! A reader!

Thanks for the comment Joyce. Anyway, those are good questions. I guess I don’t bother to explain anything because I have begun to think of this as a sort of journal for myself to pass the time. So, I reckon I could clarify a bit. First, the kids are just three or four of my […]

Oh, the good life!

Well, our 4th of July party was a blast (literally). We had quite a number of guests and everyone enjoyed themselves. Great food, lots of pool-time, some intense badmitton and a great fireworks show were all part of this year’s celebration. Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon making another movie with all the little kids. […]

Fun stuff

Well I gave blood for the first time today. That was exciting. Also, while I was waiting in line I got called to see if I could work today. So here I am. Giving blood was neat, but painful. She had some trouble sticking my vein which was not a very pleasant feeling but other […]

Alrighty then….

O.K. so it looks like this blogging thing is going to be a great way to pass the time. Although, not a very productive way since there is no one to read this. Hmmmm…….well, maybe someone will some day. So I guess I could try and start by making it something worth reading. Hmmm (again)….. […]