Oh, the good life!

Well, our 4th of July party was a blast (literally). We had quite a number of guests and everyone enjoyed themselves. Great food, lots of pool-time, some intense badmitton and a great fireworks show were all part of this year’s celebration.

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon making another movie with all the little kids. I love working with them. We put together another Civil War adventure with the 10th Michigan regiment. Everyone was pleased with the final result which, I think, was one of our finest films to date.

Now I am back at work. This week promises to be a long one. I should be working over 45 hours with the two jobs. Also, this Wednesday is Ashley’s birthday. I am pretty short on ideas for that. Honestly, I am a terrible boyfriend. I have no clue. I have been wracking my brain over this for months but I have come up with nothing. I want it to be really nice. Oh, well.

I’m beginning to wonder why I bother typing out these pointless blogs. Typing practice I guess.

One thought on “Oh, the good life!

  1. Hey keep typing them. I read them.

    What “little kids” are you working with? How long is your movie? Have you considered posting somewhere so we can all see it. What other movies have you made?

    How old is Ashley, how long have you been going with her?
    How about Dinner and a movie, like you have time after working 45 hours, a nice piece of jewelry (necklace or braclet)

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