Cool! A reader!

Thanks for the comment Joyce. Anyway, those are good questions. I guess I don’t bother to explain anything because I have begun to think of this as a sort of journal for myself to pass the time. So, I reckon I could clarify a bit. First, the kids are just three or four of my younger siblings and a couple of their close friends. We have been making movies for several years. We all enjoy making them very much and everyone who watches them loves them. The kids are actually (with a little practice) tremendous actors. Making these films is a lot of work though. For a ten to fifteen minute show, we spend anywhere from 5-10 hours shooting. Also, I am cheap and the technology we use is very primitive, which prevents me from doing any extensive editing and/or putting them on my PC.
As for Ash, she is just this super amazing girl I found somewhere. We’ve been hanging together for about seven months. I guess I like her a little bit, and for some reason, which will always be a mystery, she seems to tolerate me. Now, I know that sounds completely crazy, but it’s true. Honest. Anyway, she is perfect and we had a great time yesterday. Went out to dinner with some mutual friends and had a blast. Tonight, I think we are going to see “Hancock”.
Now I am back at at work again, laboring intensively over my endless projects. I am growing weary just thinking about it. I must go.
O.K., I lied about that last part.

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