Learning Lesson #4: Flickr

Well, I browsed around the site for quite a while. It was certainly impressing. There are so many talented photographers. Mostly, I just ran a search for “guitar” and found thousands of cool pics of people’s sweet axes as well as some very unique and artistic images featuring this beautiful instrument. I found a few pictures that really stood out for me. Among them

was this one of an electric guitar built on to a machine gun. Some people are so creative. Such ingenuity fascinates me. There were many others like this and I was amused by all of them.

Here are a few other pics I enjoyed. Brilliant pieces of work. I really spent a great deal of time on this site looking at all of these great photos.

One thought on “Learning Lesson #4: Flickr

  1. I some pictures I liked on flickr, I have also put some personal pictures on because it easier to share multiple photos that way rather than so many on a blog, or in e-mails.

    I also put some family history photos on flickr and have been contacted by a couple of people working on the same family.

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