Party…he he

Party at my house tonight. Last week before school starts for the fall. Looking forward to a continuing tradition in my collegiate career: every semester will always be worse than the last. This fall marks my first term in which I have zero classes I am excited about. 4 out of 4 this fall are dry, uninteresting requirements for my bachelor’s degree. However, the bright side is that if I can survive these next 15 weeks and pass each of these boring classes I can move on to taking classes from Siena Heights University. Then I will be 30 credits away from my BBA and no longer a community college student.

Looks like a few friends are going to come over tonight. Maybe we’ll play some games or watch something or just hang out. Always a treat to have people over.
The band has been getting really good. The last couple jams we had were amazing and I think we are truly progressing. Here is one little silly instrumental track we made the other day. Not one of our fancy pieces at all, just something I enjoy listening to.
Sunshine by PSV
I might go ahead and add more tracks here in the future. I am really liking the music we create but we need some more fans, ha ha.

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