Alrighty then….

O.K. so it looks like this blogging thing is going to be a great way to pass the time. Although, not a very productive way since there is no one to read this. Hmmmm…….well, maybe someone will some day. So I guess I could try and start by making it something worth reading. Hmmm (again)….. I’m drawing a blank here. I can’t think of anything I have to say that anyone would find very interesting.
Hey, I thought of something! My family and I like to play music and we are all performing again in a couple weeks. Our last show was really good and this next one should be even better. I’m pretty excited. You are welcome to come watch us and a few others perform at a local talent show type thing “if that’s what you’re in to” (FOTC anyone?). We could use some more constructive critics. We could also use more musicians. I am personally seeking any local individual who can and would like to play music with others.
Well, that’s about all I’ve got.

3 thoughts on “Alrighty then….

  1. Kyle,
    First I am an “old fogey” and although I know some of the text abbreviations I do not know what FOTC stands means.

    Good job- hopefully some of the other JDL employees will read the blogs of fellow employees.

    Remember to blog about the learning 2.0 stuff too. That’s how I’ll know you have completed things.


  2. You’ve gotta let me know when and where you guys are playing. I’ll bring some friends and we’ll have a listen. Then maybe the next time the band I play with has a show, you guys could play with us.

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