A day, like any other

My head hurts. I have been working diligently today on a new website design for my father in law’s business. Been using Photoshop and Dreamweaver heavily. It is very slow going. I want very much to get good at this. It is very satisfying and allows for so much creativity. I guess I just need practice.

My wife is going to some girl party tonight. My sisters & company are having some sort of gathering which consists of yummy snacks, girl shows, and excessive giggling. I, in turn, extended an invitation to a number of my masculine chums for an evening of “real” fun. Who knows what we’ll end up doing? I may not eat nearly as well as most nights with just Ash, but I’ll get to catch up with my homies a bit.

I made lots of logos for my FIL’s business and this was the one he chose as his favorite. I am using it as a theme for the site. Currently though, almost none of my work is visible. I still have to finish the new design and upload everything to the server. Lots of work ahead. Now it is a little lame with just one of those basic templates. Be sure to check back later though when I finish the real thing.

The other day our dumb cat got out. I came home from work and was about to grab my guitar and go visit a friend when I saw a note from Ash stating that she couldn’t find Roxy before she left for work. So I tore the house apart and looked around frantically outside for the retarded feline with no success. After half an hour, I found myself standing on my front lawn very frustrated and annoyed. I was about to call Evan and say I couldn’t make it today and then start knocking on neighbor’s doors when I spotted one of our nearby neighbors outside. After I introduced myself to him I described my predicament and asked if he had seen our cat. He scratched his head and said “Well, no I guess I haven’t seen a cat like that today…..although” he now pointed “there’s an orange one right there.” Dumbfounded, I turned and spotted Roxanne pawing at the door of our next door neighbor’s home.
So, to end this pointless tale, we managed to retain our entire herd of cats for now. Yippee.

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