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WordCamp North Canton 2014

Just got back yesterday from an awesome trip down to North Canton, Ohio for WordCamp. Steve, Rogan and I all camped for the weekend down there and had a great time. I got to experience speaking at a WordCamp for the first time and it was amazing. I got lots if nice compliments for both […]

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Bevs are Back

Happy Easter!

It has been a long winter and a long Lent. This year for my Lenten penance I chose to set aside all beverages besides water. It is the same penance I chose last year and maybe the year before. The fact that I have recent been unable to select a more creative annual sacrifice disappoints me a little. But it is a nice challenge.

It is a tough decision every year. Each Lent I get to reflect on my personal weaknesses and opportunities for growth which I value highly. However, I find that I don’t indulge in many things and am thus limited in options, more so than I remember being when growing up.

Beverages are really a nice challenge though. Some of the challenging points surprise me including what I want most by the end which is usually something like chocolate milk. I find it really helps me appreciated those moments where I enjoy a tasty drink. Like the coffee in the morning with my wife or colleagues, the wine some evenings with my wife or the beer on Sunday with my cousin George.

Another lesson I learned is to do my very best to keep my sacrifice to myself. Otherwise certain individuals may decide it is especially entertaining to bring over a six pack of beer to my house and drink them all in front of me while I try to work. Highly amusing.

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I’ll be speaking at WordCamp North Canton

Got the news a couple weeks ago that I’ll be among the speakers at the upcoming WordCamp in North Canton, Ohio. This will be my first opportunity to speak at a WordCamp and I’m pretty excited about it.

The two sessions I’ll be presenting will be:

  1. Theme Customization Best Practices
  2. Enhancing the Admin UX for Clients

The first presentation I’m 95% finished with. I think it’s pretty decent but I’m a little concerned that there’s too much information for the time provided. Oh, well.

The second talk I’m still working on. I have a lot of great content to share but I still need to structure the presentation a little more effectively.

I’m excited about both talks which are on topics that really interest me. I’m also really excited to get to hang out with the really excellent lineup of speakers who will be @NorthCantonWC which includes people like John James Jacoby who is the lead dev for BuddyPress. I got to see him last year at WordCamp Chicago and he had some super interesting stuff to say.

Also on the list is Dustin Hartzler whom I met this year at WordCamp Dayton. He works at Automattic and creates amazing podcasts and video tutorials over at

Lots of other great people on the list that I’m looking forward to meeting. We’ll be attending the speaker dinner the night before the main event so hopefully I’ll get a chance to make a few new friends.

Rogan also got the good news that he’ll be speaking at the event as well about project management tools. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

If you’re a WordPress person than I really hope you’ll be able to attend the event. It looks like it is going to be a really good time. We’ll be driving down on Friday May 2nd and camping for the weekend. I can’t wait. See ya there!

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My cat Brisa sitting under the tree

Hello Christmas plugin

I love Christmas. I love getting into the holiday spirit during this festive season. There’s just something awesome about this time of year. I mean people randomly go out of their way to say “merry Christmas” to you all the time with bright smiles on their faces. The rest of the year? Let’s just say […]

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wordpress form plugin

The Best WordPress Forms Plugin

There really doesn’t seem to be much contention on this topic. Gravity Forms. Duh. Gravity Forms is an amazing WordPress plugin for generating forms, especially complicated ones. Recently we have been picking up some pretty big projects that require relatively complex forms for things like event registrations and product rentals. Gravity Forms was the natural […]

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How to set author avatar as default featured image in WordPress

I’ve had this blog for a long time. I was originally on Blogger long before I discovered how wonderful WordPress could be and became fairly adept at developing websites with it. Eventually I did opt to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress and am happy I did. So much functionality and features! The problem […]

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Cedar Point Sunglasses

My wife and I were enjoying America’s Roller Coast this past weekend and at one point found ourselves in one of the many gift shops present there. Her dad was browsing for a ghoulish sweatshirt because he had misjudged the forecast by a few degrees so we kept ourselves busy by trying on sunglasses. Or […]

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Halloweekends 2013

Every fall Ash and I head down to Cedar Point with her father and step mother for Halloweekends. Its always a fun time and never really gets old. We have just concluded the first day of our weekend trip and had a great time. We rode the Gatekeeper twice and walked through every haunted attraction […]

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I’m still really looking for inspiration for my blog’s design. Very open to suggestions. I love playing with CSS and tweaking things out. I just need ideas.

I would welcome anyone sharing links to blogs that have a nice look and might inspire me. I love doing this stuff, I’m just not creative when it comes to design. Maybe I’ll ask my mom what she thinks. Anyone but Steve really.

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Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Chicago

Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Chicago 2013

Recently had the privilege of attending a town hall discussion with Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg at the 2013 WordCamp in Chicago. The entire weekend was amazing and filled with highly informative sessions as well as abundant opportunities for networking with exactly the kind of people I want to get to know. But Matt’s talk was […]

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FIL’s pets

Faith, the goofy cat. Shadow Marie. For clarification since this picture may be deceiving, she is a “person” and not a dog. Or so I am told. I couldn’t find a picture of Harley who is the other cat. He is not very sociable. Wait…I found a couple old ones. For further clarification, FIL is […]

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