My branded swag fulfillment and distribution process for a global team

tshirt with heat transfer decal

While running operations at Sandhills Development, one responsibility of mine was shipping things to our distributed team. Most of those things ended up being branded gear of one kind of another, or sometimes special gifts. For example, new hires generally received a “care package” which contained things like t-shirts, hats, and other items with our […]

How I built a compensation system for a distributed team from scratch

spreadsheet for calculating salaries

In 2019, I was handed responsibility for everything pertaining to employee compensation at the small distributed software company I was working for at the time. Prior to that point, compensation was managed solely by the company’s founder in a spreadsheet and there was no formal system governing pay. Everyone’s pay was negotiated between individual employees […]

How I used riddles to create a fun activity for a virtual team retreat

I run operations at a software company called Sandhills Development and one of my responsibilities is planning our occasional team retreats. I wrote about some of them before including our 2017 All Hands and our 2019 All Hands. For the past few years our fully distributed team has been getting together in-person at least once […]

Recap and Lessons Learned From Sandhills Development Team Meetup 2017

Last month the entire Sandhills Development team gathered together in Keystone, Colorado for our annual team meetup. This was not the first team meetup for the company but was different than anything in the past for a few reasons: The meetup was for five whole days. It was not tacked onto a conference. All employees […]