Hello Christmas plugin

I love Christmas. I love getting into the holiday spirit during this festive season. There’s just something awesome about this time of year. I mean people randomly go out of their way to say “merry Christmas” to you all the time with bright smiles on their faces. The rest of the year? Let’s just say I don’t expect to see many holly jolly strangers 11 months of the year.

All this to say I made a Christmas plugin. It is a pretty simple WordPress plugin and serves no practical purpose other than to brighten the day of logged in users.

Hello Christmas is a fork of Hello Dolly which is a famous plugin written by Matt Mullenweg based on a famous song by Louis Armstrong.


It’s a very simple concept and does basically what Hello Dolly does with some minor differences. For those who don’t know, Hello Dolly displays random lyrics from the song of the same name in the upper right corner of the WordPress dashboard. Nothing functional at all.

What Hello Christmas does that is different:

  • Displays Christmas song lyrics (I keep adding to this)
  • Shows the lyrics in red and green
  • Only works if Hello Dolly is NOT active
  • Only works if Christmas is less than 40 days away (so really you can leave it on all year)

And that’s it. One more plugin published on wordpress.org for me. Feel free to post comments here on ways I could enhance it and lyrics that should be added. If you are a developer you are welcome to collaborate with me on the project on Github as well.

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