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My dive into self employment
Most of my acquaintances are now aware that I have started my own Internet Marketing business. Some may have wondered why I took this leap, leaving behind a good job and risking everything on something completely new. Well, this was not what I would call an easy decision. But this is what I decided to do and I am committed to making Great Lakes Internet Marketing successful.

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This was, for any who may wonder, a calculated decision. I have been studying marketing and Internet technology for a long time now and am very passionate about it. So late last summer I made up my mind that this was ultimately what I wanted to do. I began working with a friend and together we spent the next three months laying the groundwork for our company which I feel is now to the point where I can devote all of my attention to it.

Now I am actively seeking any business owners who may be interested in the services we provide. We offer website development, search engine optimization, website hosting, social media marketing, blog management, e-mail marketing and marketing strategy development. If you know of anyone who would like to see their business grow or be more efficiently and effectively promoted then please contact me.

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