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The Numbers I Live By
Not sure if this makes any sense to anyone, but I am just reflecting on all the metrics I encounter in my daily life that excite me. I’m sure if we all reflect a little we may be able to think of some. Let me know what numbers you watch. Stock prices? Church attendance? Sales reports? Commissions? Comments?

For me, there are lots of numbers I enjoy watching:

  1. Google Analytics – Analyzing the traffic to all the sites I manage passes a lot of time fast. Not a day goes by that I don’t scrutinize these numbers.
  2. AdSense – I have a few monetized sites that are making some change here and there. Not big numbers yet, but I find it fun to watch.
  3. Twitter Followers – I manage a lot of Twitter accounts and watching the numbers grow there is pretty cool. Learning what makes them grow faster is stimulating.
  4. Political polls – These can be pretty ridiculous and also incredibly meaningless, but nonetheless, I am very interested in this Republican race going on now and any numbers relating to it interest me.
  5. Video views – I also manage a large number of online video accounts and it is fun to watch them get attention. New subscribers and new comments are thrilling, but take a lot of effort and some great content to obtain.
  6. Backlinks – A backlink is a link from someone else’s website to yours and is extremely valuable for improving your website’s search engine rankings. You never know when something on your site may be picked up by others and it is thrilling when it happens.
  7. Social sharing – Checking how many Likes, Tweets, Plus 1’s and so on your content is getting can really get exciting when things begin to take off.
  8. Calls / Texts – Not something I really watch numbers on actually, but I enjoy hearing from my family and friends and I often gauge a day roughly on how many notifications my phone is getting.
  9. Meals – The higher this number, the better the day. Some days I miss breakfast, some days lunch, some days even dinner. A good day includes three good meals. I am always working harder to improve my eating habits and can see the benefit of doing so very plainly in my daily life.
  10. Sleep – I know how much sleep I need to make it through the day. I am often gauging how much later I can stay awake based upon how sleep deprived I am. More sleep is better and towards the end of the day, I am always looking at the time and thinking how much sleep I will be getting and how much I need for the next day.
So there you have it. These are the numbers I pay attention to. What numbers do you watch?

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