Top Ten WWII Movies

My ten favorite WWII films

  1. Life is Beautiful
    Probably the most touching movie I have ever seen and also the most likely to make you cry. This is an all around fantastic film that everyone should love. It is a foreign film and is subtitled throughout but you barely notice. This movie inspires me.
  2. Schindler’s List
    Perhaps the definitive WWII movie. An artistic masterpiece from Steven Spielberg.
  3. Saving Private Ryan
    Another amazing film from Steven Spielberg. A great story full of action and lots of appearances from big stars.
  4. The Scarlet and the Black
    Solid performance from Gregory Peck in a thrilling story about the Vatican during the second world war.
  5. I Am David
    Brilliant story that is adventurous while at the same time deeply touching. About a boy traversing Europe alone in search of his mother.
  6. The Best Years of Our Lives
    Well written film detailing the trials and challenges endured by WWII soldiers as they return home from the war. Recommended by the WWII veterans and experts I know as you can read about on Larry Martin’s blog.
  7. Saints and Soldiers
    Lesser know film about some WWII soldiers lost in enemy territory. Great story with really good characters.
  8. The Bridge on the River Kwai
    Excellent work from Alec Guinness, as usual on this great tale of british soldiers taken prisoner by the Japanese.
  9. Inglorious Basterds
    Quentin Tarantino plays with history in a comical romp about a troupe of Nazi killers who assassinate Hitler. B.J. Novak even has a small role.
  10. The Fighting Seabees
    This is actually a really good movie starring John Wayne that I may never have seen if my dad had not been a Seabee for almost 20 years.
    john wayne seabees
I hope you all enjoyed this list. Please feel free to share your own favorite WWII films below.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten WWII Movies

  1. Interesting list. Most WWII movie aficionados would include Downfall, Das Boot, perhaps Tora! Tora! Tora! The Longest Day… I am surprised by Fighting Seabeas and have not seen I Am David (yet).

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