Hire me, Pro Football Focus!

Welcome, hiring manager for Pro Football Focus!

You are here because I have applied for the currently open Digital Subscription Product Marketing Lead position. I appreciate you taking the time to consider me for this role. I’m confident you’ll be glad you did.

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Why I want to work at PFF

For the last five years I’ve been working on developing and marketing software applications which allow online businesses to sell subscription products. In that time, I have learned what it takes to build and grow successful digital subscription offerings. Online content monetization via digital subscription is the new frontier and I want to spend the next chapter of my career applying all of my experience and skills towards the growth of a modern, valued brand.

Pro Football Focus fits that vision perfectly.

The PFF digital subscription is a unique and compelling product with enormous potential for growth. The goal of “becoming the must have subscription for every sports fan” is ambitious but extremely exciting. I want nothing more than to be a part of taking this product to new heights.

I’ve spent hours researching both PFF the company and the Edge and Elite subscription products. What I discovered increased my enthusiasm for pursuing this role. I read about:

The company

Employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed were encouraging. Ratings for the company are generally quite high and the comments paint an attractive picture. Even those critiquing the employee experience wrote things like “Hard work will be recognized and the culture is outstanding” which is all that matters to me. I do work very hard and I do care a lot about culture.

The company history is also fascinating and makes a great story. From humble beginnings, PFF has grown rapidly and become a fixture in the NFL community.

The products

I’m very excited by the fact that 1) the product is undeniably very good and very popular, but also 2) there is clearly plenty more work to be done. Some of my searches uncovered threads of community members addressing the question “Is PFF worth it?” which makes a seasoned marketer like myself light up. I can already envision strategies and campaigns we could formulate to better address hesitations and skepticisms expressed by our target audience.

Why I’m a perfect candidate to lead marketing for PFF’s digital subscription product

I helped other digital subscription sellers grow with our software

Over the course of the past five years I’ve worked on the marketing and product teams for two different membership platforms (Restrict Content Pro and Paid Memberships Pro). Hundreds of thousands of online businesses used our software to sell digital subscriptions to their customers, many of which functioned very similarly to PFF. It was my job, in part, to support those businesses, understand their needs, and learn what it takes to succeed selling memberships and digital subscriptions.

I have a deep background in digital marketing

In 2011 I co-founded a digital marketing agency which I ran for six years. In that time I helped clients of all kinds go to market online. I developed highly sophisticated websites, devised and ran marketing campaigns, and got hands on using virtually every available tool and every possible tactic.

Following my time running a digital agency, I joined multiple software companies and worked actively within their marketing teams to promote our own digital products. I created entire marketing plans, wrote articles, managed PPC campaigns, evangelized for our brands at national conferences, hosted webinars, optimized our websites, refined our funnels, shot and edited videos, surveyed users, and more.

I satisfy every requirement for the job

Requirements taken directly from the job posting:


  • Experience developing and executing a marketing strategy for a digital subscription (relevant subject matter preferred)

    • I’ve lead or participated in the marketing of many digital subscriptions.
  • Experience leading successful email campaigns and newsletter marketing efforts

    • I’ve conceived, planned, and executed countless marketing campaigns of all kinds, including many which were email centered.
  • Proven success leveraging marketing budget in ad spend via Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    • I consistently generated positive ROAS while managing campaigns using Google Ads, Facebook, and Perfect Audience.
  • Proven success leveraging marketing budget in event marketing, podcasts and influencer marketing

    • I’ve been responsible for managing sponsorship budgets and sponsoring many industry events and podcasts.
  • Interest in sports (specifically, football, soccer, and basketball)

  • Proven success leveraging data to make successful marketing decisions and share understanding within a cross-functional team

    • Data is everything! There is nothing I enjoy more than spending my days designing spreadsheets, querying databases, and extracting insights from large datasets. In the past I’ve been responsible for using all available data to make decisions about marketing strategy, hiring priorities, product improvements, product pricing, and more.
  • Strong communication skills

    • I’ve been consistently praised for my ability to communicate effectively. At both of my most recent jobs, I was appointed as the facilitator of all company meetings, was responsible for communicating all company-wide memos, and was tasked with negotiating with most of our third party strategic partners.
  • Attention to detail

    • While working at Sandhills Development as a marketing lead, the managing director promoted me to Director of Operations because I was responsible, committed, knowledgeable, and payed attention to detail.
  • Organized

    • Acting simultaneously as Director of Operations and Product Manager while at Sandhills Development required extreme levels of focus and organization.

Preferred Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience developing and leading a GTM marketing strategy for a digital subscription within a relevant market

    • ⚠️ I lead marketing for many digital subscription products, especially over the past five years, but most were not in obviously relevant markets.
  • 3+ years of experience leading a successful email campaigns and newsletter marketing effort from end to end (conception, design, execution, analysis)

    • I’ve been leading email and newsletter campaigns end to end for over eight years.
  • 3+ years of proven success leveraging marketing budget in ad spend via Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    • I was first certified in Google Adwords in 2013 (when it was still called “Adwords”) and have managed many campaigns since then, including some on Facebook.
  • 3+ years of proven success leveraging marketing budget in event marketing, podcasts and influencer marketing

    • I’ve been sponsoring events and podcasts since at least 2017.
  • Any experience with Benchmark, Zapier, Sprig, Miro, Trello and/or Jira

    • I’ve used Zapier and Trello heavily since ~2015. I have used many visual tools like Miro, research tools like Sprig and Benchmark, and project management tools like Jira, but only a little hands on with those specific apps.

This is a fully remote role

I’ve been working remotely for 10+ years. During most of that time I’ve been collaborating with a global team.

What others have to say about working with me

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are former colleagues voluntarily endorsing me:

Steve Bennett, Co-founder, Real Big Marketing (former business partner)

“…You can’t ask for a more well rounded individual.”


Pippin Williamson, Founder and Managing Director, Sandhills Development (former boss)

“Kyle is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, and caring people I have ever had the opportunity to work with”



Tyler Lau, Partnerships Manager, Sandhills Development (former direct report)

“…we were very lucky to have {Kyle} on our team.”


Adam Silver, founder, ConciergeWP (former client and podcast co-host)


Kyle constantly amazed me with his industry insight and original approaches to solving problems. He consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and has a dedication to success.

Kyle brings intelligence, creativity and leadership to any project he is involved in. On account of his mature approach to his responsibilities, I often thought of Kyle as a colleague I could always rely upon to get the job done. I have always felt he was one of the best in class and it was a pleasure working with him.

Mandy Jones, Content Manager, Sandhills Development and Paid Memberships Pro (former colleague)

2020-02-11 10.18.55

Without a doubt, Kyle is one of the most valuable, hardworking, genuine, and thoughtful people I have ever met. After working with him for over two years at two different companies – Sandhills Development and Paid Memberships Pro – I know his character very well, and feel particularly well-suited to vouch for him as a friend and colleague.

Since I’ve known Kyle, he has brought tremendous value to the teams we’ve been a part of together. He not only pioneered a game-changing career progression framework and made massive efforts in planning and organizing events as Director of Operations at Sandhills Development; He also spent countless hours getting to know his colleagues (including myself) on a personal level.

It’s always been obvious that Kyle is totally invested in helping everyone on his team reach their highest levels of performance and personal satisfaction. Plus, his ability to see different perspectives and potential outcomes make him an excellent communicator and strategist across multiple arenas.

However, even with his creative talent, mind for business, and technological savvy, what strikes me most about Kyle is his kind, earnest nature. He is truly the kind of person you want on your team – the full package.


Ross Johnson, General Manager, 3.7 Designs and Snap Orbital (former co-organizer)

He is wise well beyond most people I’ve encountered in my life. He is incredibly loyal and trustworthy…and an excellent leader.


You can read more positive comments about me in the Recommendations section on my LinkedIn profile.