The High Life

I can hardly believe how perfect my life is right now. I mean…….everything is just so amazing. It is hard to describe this level of joy. I couldn’t complain about anything right now. Well….I take that back. That Meijer job…..leaves much to be desired. But honestly, that’s it. Everything else, every other event on my planner is something I look forward to. Every week is so exciting and busy and satisfying.
Anyway, I imagine this is probably the most boring blog I could possibly write. I realize that good news is all too unpopular. Probably more people would read this blog if I whined a bit or ranted more. Not that I care if anyone reads. Merely observing. I think I just type out these blogs as a way to pass the time. Sometimes it helps me to relax and contemplate my life more acutely.
Well, I guess I’m done. Off home soon for another peaceful, relaxing evening with my beautiful wife in our wonderful house.

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