The way the cookie crumbles

Saturday was my 23rd birthday. We had a nice party and enjoyed ourselves very well. I was the recipient of numerous very generous gifts including a very nice pair of shoes from my wonderful wife (see picture).
Saturday was also the date of a horrible tragedy in the world of college football. To explain the true horror of this nasty event I will now use a simple analogy. Imagine, if you will, a young boy. A bright, talented youth who works very hard all his life and overcomes tremendous obstacles to acheive his lifelong goal of one day getting a job as radio talk show host. His first day on the job is everything he dreamed of and more. But when his shift is over his boss walks in to talk to him and says
“Boy….I don’t know how to say this, but you are fired. And not just fired. You are going to go to prison and declare bankruptcy and donate all of your possessions to PETA and change your name to Kwame and have all the toes on your left foot removed and we are giving your job to someone far less deserving. Also, I have no real reason for this. It is just your fate to suffer”. This is very much like what happened on Saturday, the 9th of October.

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