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Well, here is my first top list. Jason will be posting his soon HERE but you should also check out my mom’s interesting top list HERE. I knew this would catch on!

I have to say, this list was REALLY hard. Favorite actors? I mean, there are way too many who really can make a film worth watching. I tried not to spend too much time on this. If I did it would only become more difficult. Even now I am thinking of actors I left out. Feel free to share your thoughts and link to your own list.

10. Mel Gibson
Mel is just good. His roles are fantastic and his movies are superb. Gosh I love Signs and Braveheart and a whole bunch of others.

9. Matt Damon
Man is this guy productive. Mr. Damon has starred in more fantastic roles than most of the guys on this list. I am a huge fan of the Bourne trilogy and enjoy everything from Good Will Hunting to The Informant.

8. Cary Grant
Cary Grant should be what all actors aspire to be. He is just fantastic in every way. One of the top guys on this list I wish had made more films.

7. Michael Caine
This guy is Scrooge. Need I say more? I could, of course. I love everything Michael Caine does without exception.

6. Robin Williams
What can I say about Robin Williams? I suppose it has all been said already. I doubt anyone will scoff at him making this list, except to say he should rank higher.

5. Russell Crowe
This guy seems to ONLY do GREAT movies. He is just so good! Gladiator, American Gangster, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander, the list is long.

4. Harrison Ford
If this guys is NOT on everyone’s list, there is a problem. He is freaking Han Solo AND Indiana Jones!!

3. Leonardo DiCaprio
This selection may surprise a few people but DANG! I like his movies. Catch Me If You Can, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Shutter Island, and his latest hit Inception were all fantastic. So good I can forget about Titanic.

2. Jim Carrey
Come on! He is funny! Funny to a degree which I have never seen accomplished by ANY actor and that is on his BAD days. Seriously, no one else could do Liar Liar like that.

1. Al Pacino
Number 1 was actually a tough call. In the end I had to go with Al. Probably not a big surprise. He is awesome.

Honorable Mentions: Jack Nicholson, Will Smith, Sean Connery, Steve Martin, Bruce Willis, James Stewart, Will Ferrell.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Actors

  1. Al Pacino is totally awesome!

    Hmmm…Cary Grant is my fav I think. There are movies with other actors that I like better perhaps, but Cary Grant has something that I don’t think anyone else today has. He’s got it all.

  2. I would add Gregory Peck, and take off Jim Cary and probably Leonardo DiCaprio, and a least add Henry Fonda, Robert Redford,and Paul Newman to Honorable mention, and Humphrey Bogart needs to be in there somewhere.

  3. Pretty good choices I think Joyce. I still stand by my choices though. These are the guys who just by being in the film will make me want to watch it. Also, most of those guys were pretty much through with their acting careers before I was born.

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