AFI Top 100

This year my wife, sister and a good friend of ours have decided to try and watch every movie on the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Films of All Time list. We decided to skip the ones we had already seen which left us with around 80+ shows to watch. Each of us is keeping a journal of our notes on every film as well as a star rating based on how great we thought each film was. Well, Ash and I have been plowing through the list and have now seen around 40 out of the 100. It has been very interesting to see all these famous shows, many of which we may never have taken the time to watch otherwise. There have already been a few that we really enjoyed and a few that really disappointed us. I plan on making my own Top 100 films list later this year when we make it through this list from the AFI.

I am enjoying this little endeavor of ours quite a bit and look forward to seeing all the other films. Feel free to take a look at the list and comment on what you think. I am sure everyone will have something to say about what is missing from the list and what doesn’t belong there so go ahead and say it. I am very sure that my top 100 list will be quite different. For one, 2001: A Space Odyssey will NOT be on mine.

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