Stupid DVD Rentals

The way we watch movies has changed in so many ways over the past several decades. When everything switched from VHS tapes to DVDs the experience of watching films at home took a huge leap forward. But…..not quite far enough. I think we are experiencing a new transition now with Blu-Rays and streaming and I am extremely excited about this. While VHS tapes provided much lower quality and had to be rewound and all that, DVDs get SCRATCHED!!! It drives me INSANE!!! Last night my wife and I tried to watch the 1933 version of King Kong and we coud only watch the first 15 minutes. What a nuisance. It may be so that the video rental industry is in its decline and my kids may never know what a video rental store is but I am pretty much indifferent to that now. I am so sick of renting movies from Family Video or the library and getting dirty scratched up discs. Streaming will be so much better.

One thought on “Stupid DVD Rentals

  1. Agreed wholeheartedly. Rental places need to realize that they are experiencing an “evolve or die” curve, and unless they start providing rental services where their customers are, like netflix–who, despite their nearly-fatal choice to separate the services, are still leading the industry–it will not be long until the concept of “rental” is redundant. I myself prefer to subscribe to netflix streaming, and supplement what I can’t get with the library–NOT the other way around.

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