How to set author avatar as default featured image in WordPress

I’ve had this blog for a long time. I was originally on Blogger long before I discovered how wonderful WordPress could be and became fairly adept at developing websites with it. Eventually I did opt to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress and am happy I did. So much functionality and features! The problem […]

Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Chicago 2013

Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Chicago

Recently had the privilege of attending a town hall discussion with Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg at the 2013 WordCamp in Chicago. The entire weekend was amazing and filled with highly informative sessions as well as abundant opportunities for networking with exactly the kind of people I want to get to know. But Matt’s talk was […]

Quick CMS chat

I haven’t been using Blogger for a while. I believe I have moved on to bigger and better things. These days I spend most of my time developing in WordPress which is the most popular and, in my humble opinion, the best content management system on the web. Admittedly though, I have no real issues […]