3 thoughts on “Awesomeness

  1. Ok… I’m leaving a comment simply to see if it will actually work…

    I’ve tried numerous times to comment on your mom’s blog and just tried to comment on Caytie’s. No luck! Won’t work! Very frustrating!!! I wonder if they may have some settings on or off or SOMETHING!???

    You being the computer genius, I though might have yours set up to accept a comment from someone like me, who is not… a computer genius.

    I hope this works, otherwise, I’ve just wasted a whole BUNCH of time writing all of this….

    I’m glad all is well with you Kyle. Say “Hi” to Ashley for me!

  2. HAH!!! IT worked!!!! I’m so happy!!!

    Now… Would you please help me figure out how to leave a comment on your Mom’s blog?

    By the way! I love the picture of the Sistine Chapel! It is truly the definition of AWESOME!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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