You never know…..

I got called in to work today. I was asked to work in the circulation department at the library I am employed at. I normally work in the reference department helping people with computers but today I am working with books. It is always interesting working over here.
I have already been put on the hunt for books by several patrons. First, an attractive young blond asked for books on Raphael. I tried to get my single buddy to handle this request but no such luck. Oh, well. I try. Next, a young African-American man came over and delighted me by asking about Dante. He was very interested in reading “The Divine Comedy” and not for a class, but just for fun. Naturally I was thrilled and we talked about the story for a while. I don’t meet many people who are interested in such things. Pretty neat. Maybe I should work in circ more often. Seems like more opportunities for interesting discussions. A nice break from “I forgot my Yahoo password” or “I can’t get Farmville to work” which is more typical of my department.
My youngest sister’s birthday was yesterday. We had another exciting party back at home in honor of the occasion. There were lots of guests and high spirits all around. Not to mention fabulous feasting. My siblings sure are growing up fast. My oldest sister (next in line after me) just got her first apartment and moved in on Monday. Her and a friend are sharing the place and they are both very excited. So much change going on. Ah, well. Such is the adult life.

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