What gives?

No one is blogging anymore. What is the deal people? I check my blog feed everyday and am constantly disappointed by the lack of activity. Seriously guys, get back to blogging! The blogging world is fun and wonderful! Leave Facebook behind and enter a world where there are no Mafia Wars and Farmville. Enter a world where you can express yourself creatively and get interesting comments instead of stupid meaningless “likes” and “LOL”s. Join the world where tasteful art replaces tagged drunken photos and poetry replaces vulgar expressions and witless rants. Give up those meaningless melodramatic quotations and laments. Say goodbye to apps and groups and invites that all mean nothing and only waste your precious time. Instead, create thoughtful and entertaining posts that will be enjoyed by your close acquaintances instead of remote cousins and old friends from a job you had six years ago. Replace profanity with sanity, vulgarity with clarity, invites with insights. Blogging is the answer!

This is how I feel.

Facebook vs Blogger and twilight vs gladiator

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