Top 10 Punk Rock Bands

I have not done a top 10 list in a few weeks so here is a new one. I might do a few music related lists for a bit now, and break from all film stuff.

10. FM Static
Brilliant song writing and an uncanny ability to make every single song get stuck in your head for a week.
Favorite song: “Moment of Truth”

9. Sublime
Sublime is so cool and catchy and engaging. Not a band you turn on in the background, but one that you turn on and listen to. Brilliant lyrics, vocals, guitars, rhythms, and style.
Favorite song: “Same in the End”

8. Weezer
At a glance, one would probably be surprised to see them on a punk rock list. But Weezer has a way of defying definitions and classifications that I love. Forget “Beverly Hills”, crank up “Hash Pipe” and rock out!
Favorite song: “Hash Pipe”

7. Good Charlotte
Lots of catchy songs that can be light and heavy interchangeably or simultaneously. Very punk.
Favorite song: “Young and the Hopeless”

6. MxPx
An extremely productive and entertaining trio. Three man bands impress me a lot. MxPx is the kind of band that lasts. Already with a long, illustrious career, these guys don’t show signs of slowing down ever.
Favorite song: “Punk Rawk Show”

5. Less Than Jake
Who would have thought you could throw in all kinds of brass and whatnot into some punk songs and get something this awesome? A very unique blend of material including some great covers can be found on their superb records. Of course, I love bands with two vocalists.
Favorite song: “Look What Happened”

4. Sum-41
If I had discovered them earlier they might have made the number one spot on this list a 4 way tie. They are a very talented and exciting band and I love the way they can infuse so much metal into their catchy punk tunes.
Favorite song: “We’re All To Blame”

3. Blink-182
My top 3 choices here really should be a three way tie. All three bands really define punk rock and they also taught me how to play the guitar. Blink-182 are truly one of the coolest bands of all time. Just three guys doing it all which is crazy, and two vocalists which is super awesome as well. Wickedly talented.
Favorite song: “Carousel”

2. The Offspring
These guys have more awesome songs than just about anybody. I will never tire of these guys. They could be my “Bad Habit”.
Favorite song: “Staring at the Sun”

1. Green Day
Green Day really got the #1 nod because I went through a pretty long Green Day phase as a teenager. While they have changed pretty dramatically, I still think they are an incredible band. Their old albums are timeless.
Favorite song: “Basket Case”.

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