Top 10 Will Ferrell Movies

One of my favorite comedic actors of all time, Will Ferrell has had many hilarious roles. Here are the top ten films that I think are worth watching:

  1. Anchorman
    Anchorman 2 movie sequel with Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell
    No arguments here. The show is just downright sidesplitting and nothing I have seen to date is more quotable.
  2. Talladega Nights
  3. I have seen this so many times I know it by heart. I think it might have even been the first WF movie I ever saw. Not sure though. Anyway, it is superbly funny with help from the hilarious John C. Reilly.

  4. Old School

    A pretty classic college movie. I really like Luke Wilson also.
  5. Blades of Glory

    So ridiculously goofy that it warrants mention even if you didn’t like it.
  6. The Producers

    Will plays a small part in this show but it is memorable and extremely funny.
  7. Starsky and Hutch

    Again, a small but very funny role.
  8. Stranger Than Fiction

    Very surprising movie. The only non-comedic role I have seen Will Ferrell do and I think he should do more. This show was worth watching and was actually touching.
  9. Wedding Crashers

    Will Ferrell was probably the best part of this show, I think but I don’t remember it that well.
  10. Step Brothers

    O.K., we are scraping the bottom of the barrel here I admit. In all honesty I have only watched maybe a dozen or so Will Ferrell movies so a couple duds made the list. Step Brothers was actually pretty funny, but extremely ridiculous. Kind of makes me think of some real life people I know though which is pretty sad.
  11. Semi-Pro

    I remember having my hopes pretty high for this show when it came out because it was following a few big hits but it was not all that funny if I remember correctly. It was filmed in Flint, MI though.
  12. Land of the Lost

    Gosh…..this was pretty silly. But still, it had its moments. Will was still funny. Oh, wait….I just realized I have eleven on this list. Oh, well.
Of course, Mr. Ferrell has many other gut busting feathers in his cap particularly from his SNL days. Perhaps I should do my Top Ten Will Ferrell SNL Skits?

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