Gonna be a great day

I think today will be a great day. No particular reason why it should be better than any other day, but still I think it will be pleasant. Or perhaps, in a sense, by THINKING today will be a great day I have at the same time chosen to have a great day. Perhaps my gut feeling about this day was nothing more than a habituated mental state that I have unconsciously trained myself to employ in order to improve conditions and enjoy life more fully. Perhaps this day really isn’t that great at all and I am simply trying remain indifferent and positive in the face of adversity.

Whatever the cause, I have chosen not to question my gut reaction and scrutinize the present externalities too critically. What is there to gain in the end? Is it better to approach each day realistically and steeped in pragmatism? Is life more fulfilling and profitable when taken only for what it is and never for what it can be? Those who know me would never expect me to profess such a philosophy and they are most certainly correct. I do not think I could be called unsuccessful or unprofitable and definitely not unhappy and yet I do choose each day to think not about the challenges and trials that are present but rather about the successes and joys that are possible. I present this, of course, with no intent or interest in influencing the actions of others. It may be of interest to no person alive but, for what its worth, this is what I think.

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