Top 20 Metallica Songs

Here are my top 20 favorite songs from the world’s greatest metal band:

  1. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)George and I used to play this song all the time when we were learning guitar. Metallica really taught me how to play the guitar from the very beginning. This song I think really has everything that a great rock song can have.
  2. Nothing Else MattersIf I could sing like James Hetfield……gosh…crazy I know, but man! That would be so cool!
  3. For Whom the Bell TollsI almost picked this as number one actually. Incredibly classic number that may have been their first track ever that wasn’t blazing fast. It doesn’t need to be though. It is just as heavy as the rest and much more memorable.
  4. Fade to BlackI think this is the original for me. This song alone made me a fan.
  5. Turn the PageA powerful, heavy tribute to Bob Seger’s classic. Not an easy song to improve upon, but I think Metallica did a fantastic job of making it their own.
  6. One
  7. Bleeding MeOf course, Metallica did not stop making great music after the Black Album and this is a perfect example. Many will disagree, but I hold that Metallica remained the greatest metal band even through the ’90s.
  8. Master of Puppets
  9. Whiskey in the Jar
  10. Whiplash
  11. Unforgiven
  12. Until It Sleeps
  13. Stone Cold Crazy
  14. Battery
  15. Ride the Lightning
  16. Fuel
  17. I Disappear
  18. Low Man’s Lyric
  19. Die Die My Darling
  20. King Nothing

One thought on “Top 20 Metallica Songs

  1. LoL…Hubby’s favorite band! He has about half a dozen tshirts in the rotation. He refuses a list though, saying “that would be like saying which atom of oxygen I like best when I breathe it in.”

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