Planning for the future

I have discussed this sort of thing with close friends and family for a while now. The truth is I really am pretty serious about one day starting my own business. Not quite sure yet when I will do this but I have almost made up my mind that this is my eventual fate. There are lots of reasons for this being on my mind as an appealing option for my career, not least of which is the fact that my father has been very successful running his independent business for over a decade and has been very inspiring and encouraging to me.

While my skill set is remarkably different from my father’s, I still feel that I have a pretty good chance of making a good living doing what I do independently. This also isn’t meant to say anything about my employers, past or present, only that I think it is what I will end up doing one day. That day may be far away but who’s to say? I welcome the advice of others of course, as I know many have had diverse experiences relating to self-employment and I am as of yet still weighing pros and cons.

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