Isolation at the Maurer home

This is a weird time. For all of us. Fortunately for myself and my family, we just so happen to live a lifestyle and have personalities which are well suited for surviving periods of mandated isolation.

My heart goes out to the many, many people who have it so much harder than we do. I’m incredibly grateful for the many blessings and privileges which we have and try hard not to take them for granted.

Here are a few ways we’re keeping ourselves busy and making the most of our time cooped up at home:

Building forts

Ash put together this fun fort for our two year old daughter. The sign was Abigail’s idea.

abigail's fort

Building a chicken coop

What was just a crazy idea a few weeks ago is now becoming a reality. We’re prepping now to start raising chickens by building a coop. Ash found a some instructions on Etsy and we’re building it together.

Zoom calls with friends

We miss our friends dearly. For the past six years we’ve been hanging out almost every single week with a group of amazing friends. Lately, we’ve kept our weekly visits going by hopping on Zoom.

zoom on the tv
Wine night on the TV

Walks in the park

We happen to live directly across the street from the second largest park in the county and really appreciate getting to stroll there on nice days.

Date night in

My wife Ashley and I had a nice evening the other day when we agreed to have a romantic date night “in”. I cleaned up the house, made some special beverages, and prepped some tasty snacks. We both got dressed up nice and spent the evening after Abigail went to bed chatting over drinks and snacks, playing games, and painting. We might try and do this more regularly.

Creating a basement playroom

Our basement is large and poorly utilized so we’re redesigning one of the rooms to eventually be a fun place for Abigail and her friends and cousins to play. Just got done painting the ceiling this weekend.

my basement

Playing guitar

For the first time in quite a few years, I am taking the time to seriously focus on fundamentals. I’m wrapping my head around the CAGED system, running through scales, and soloing over youtube backing tracks. Slowly making progress.

Watching and reading some good stuff

We don’t watch many movies or shows but are working our way through a few. We’re caught up on This Is Us, starting the next season of The Good Place soon, and almost done with The Witcher. Meanwhile I am reading The Wastelands which is the third book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

What are you doing these days?

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