I started a podcast about football

I’ve done lots of podcasting in the past. Interview shows, topical education shows, advice shows, etc. Just a few weeks ago I started something new with a couple local friends and I’m absolutely loving it.

The background: Last year (2020) two friends of mine and I started a group text in which we would talk sports, primarily NFL. One week during the regular season I texted the other guys my predictions for each game slated for the upcoming week and they both responded in kind. We continued that game-picking activity throughout the season and even agreed on a wager to make it interesting.

Long story short, we enjoyed doing that and talking about the games so much that we ended up floating the idea of creating a podcast the following season. Since I’d podcasted a lot already and had some equipment, it sounded pretty easy to pull off and would be something fun to do on a weekly basis.

Well the 2021 season has officially begun and we’re now four episodes in to the show. We decided to call it The Point After and you can check out our website here, follow us on Twitter here, subscribe to our weekly newsletter here, and tune in on Spotify here.

I’m really enjoying this. Talking into a microphone has always been one of my favorite pastimes and now I get to do it face-to-face with a couple of my best friends, every week. And we’re talking about something that I love! It doesn’t matter and I know that but that’s part of what I love about it so much. We’re doing this purely for fun.

I hope you tune in and send us your comments, questions, and hot takes! The 2021 season has been exciting so far and all this is even more fun when more voices get involved.

point after studio

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