New Year rant

School is really boring me these days. I never have time to study and the homework can hardly hold my attention anyway. It seems that I have completely lost interest in school. I don’t learn nearly as much as I would like to. Learning is not a problem in fact I enjoy it. However I usually learn more working an afternoon in the reference department here at work then I do in a day of classes. Each class is filled with silly activities where we split in to groups and try to agree on what the teacher actually wants us to do. Invariably, I am placed with a quiet, clueless freshman and a loud, clueless sophomore and I have to explain what we are doing and get them to do it right or just do it myself. They are always very simple problems that are somehow made difficult by my fellow students. Then if we are not doing a project, we are listening to monologues by the loud, ignorant “genius” in the class who decides they don’t want to be a student but rather the teacher. Economics is great for that. Everyone there thinks they know the answer to why the economy is suffering, and are filled with their own fool-proof and often half-witted solutions to the worlds problems. Good for a laugh now and then but after a while I get tired of it. Just let the professor talk and tell us which page to read so I can get my grade and go home. I feel a bit sad that I don’t enjoy school anymore. I don’t hate it either but I just find it to be a waste of my time. I can’t seem to find any other students that I can talk to anymore. No one else is in the same boat that I am in and I can’t connect with anyone. No other students that I know would dream of getting engaged at my age. None of them work as many hours as I do. All of them just look forward to the next party this weekend and wouldn’t dream of spending Friday night at home with their family. In the end, I end up being a tad anti-social amidst the college crowd. I usually keep to myself which is not my nature. Strange really.
Well, that sounded very angry. I’m a little surprised at myself that I wrote all that. Maybe I should not publish this post. I guess it doesn’t matter really.
The New Year has otherwise been good to me thus far. I am still counting the days before I get to be married to the most amazing girl in history. 188 days today. She is too perfect for words. I wish there was more I could do for her.
I should be going on my lunch break soon. I have some hot pockets in the freezer upstairs. Not very good at all but it is a lunch. Hopefully Ash won’t make me eat this crap every day and I will eat decent lunches but until then, it’s hot pockets and pb & j. Yay……..

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  1. I think you’re at that point where you’re too mature for your peers but not really in the same place as those older than you. Don’t worry, give it a couple of years and you’ll even out. I know this because I was there, too, until about age 24-25 when my friends started settling down as well. Just stick it out, it’ll pass. (And think about online classes.)

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