Homework and Today’s Playlist

Jamming out some major homework now. Ridiculously long assignment for my global marketing class. Pretty lame. I mean, seriously this is global marketing. Not like I’m Gabe doing his crazy nursing stuff or going into chemical engineering. Jeez…..

The homework today is uniquely accompanied by rap hits from 10 years ago. When I was 14 and thought I was destined to play in the NBA I really dug the rap stuff. Now, a decade later, some of these ridiculous songs actually sound pretty good to me. Those who know me, understand how silly that is. Anyway, here is my currently playing playlist:

Welcome To Atlanta – Jermaine Dupri featuring Ludacris
Country Grammar – Nelly
Always on Time – Ja Rule
Rollout – Ludacris
E.I. – Nelly
Ride With Me – Nelly
Never Again – Ja Rule
Saturday – Ludacris
Batter Up – Nelly
Livin’ It Up – Ja Rule

So….yeah. Weird, I know. But it sure is bouncing.

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