Learning Lesson #5: Generators

So I made one of these little magazines. What fun. Although, I couldn’t seem to find a place to edit the text of the cover. I’m sure there are ways to do that somewhere. Anyway, it’s highly entertaining.

There were also lots of fun, goofy things to play with on the chocolate bar site. I can think of lots of kids I could show this who would spend lots of time playing around with it.
http://www.magmypic.com/. This is great as a joke. I can think of lots of good pics I have that would be hilarious for some of these covers. If nothing else, these are great for a laugh. I am highly amused. http://thoseposters.com/index.php. This is one of my favorite generators. Some of the pics people have put up here are HILARIOUS! I am having internet problems right now so I can’t put one of mine up. Next time maybe.
Overall, the generators just seem like something that’s fun in spare time. I will probably show these to some people who get bored online a lot.

One thought on “Learning Lesson #5: Generators

  1. Sorry I have taken so long to comment. I think that generators can be fun, and yes, I am sure that people who get bored will play with them, but I think they can also be used as promotion for the library and other business. They can be a neat or cool think to do to recognize someones accomplishments by putting them on a magazine cover. There was one that created smoke signals that I thought would be fun for someone’s birthday or minor holiday.

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