Of People and Parties

Started summer classes today. It actually wasn’t too bad. I met some nice people in class. Had lunch with a couple really cool guys and later met another passionate musician which lead to some great conversations. Pleasantly surprising given I had very little hope for this semester. Mowed the lawn for the first time this […]

Gonna be a great day

I think today will be a great day. No particular reason why it should be better than any other day, but still I think it will be pleasant. Or perhaps, in a sense, by THINKING today will be a great day I have at the same time chosen to have a great day. Perhaps my […]

What gives?

No one is blogging anymore. What is the deal people? I check my blog feed everyday and am constantly disappointed by the lack of activity. Seriously guys, get back to blogging! The blogging world is fun and wonderful! Leave Facebook behind and enter a world where there are no Mafia Wars and Farmville. Enter a […]

Holly and Jolly

Christmas is fast approaching. I feel like a little kid again. My excitement level is exceptionally high this year. I am not exactly sure what is so special about this year but I am very happy with everything and optimistic about the holidays. This marks my second Christmas married and away from home. Last year […]

The New Blogging Sensation

Jason and I are going to start a new blogging phenomenon. Starting this week we are going to begin posting “Top Lists” of everything we think of. We hope to get everyone else making their own “Top Lists” as well and commenting too. So look forward to reading about all of our favorites like the […]

Our fun felines

#3 chowing on the dog food. Not sure why she does that. Bella as a sweet and innocent kitten. Bella now. A young, innocent, squinty-eyed Brisa. An older, mischievous, still squinty-eyed Brisa. And of course, the reliable, loveable, and extremely persistent #2.

On the attainment of happiness pt. 5

Weekly excerpt from St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica.Article 5. Whether man can attain happiness by his natural powers? Objection 1. It would seem that man can attain Happiness by his natural powers. For nature does not fail in necessary things. But nothing is so necessary to man as that by which he attains the last […]

On the attainment of happiness pt. 4

Weekly excerpt from St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica.Article 4. Whether happiness once had can be lost? Objection 1. It would seem that Happiness can be lost. For Happiness is a perfection. But every perfection is in the thing perfected according to the mode of the latter. Since then man is, by his nature, changeable, it […]