Schwans Visit

Steve, Rogan and I were working on my porch this afternoon. Pretty enjoyable to sit outside on a nice day, put your feet up and bang through your to-do list. I got a lot done today. Some time mid-afternoon a Schwans truck pulled up in front of my house and shortly after two dudes strolled […]

The furr balls

This is how I affectionately refer to our pets. The fur balls. We have one dog and three cats. Each is very unique and tries our patience in a way that is totally their own. We have: Beau Bear the golden retriever who is extremely upset if dinnertime is not actively touching him. He also […]

Stupid DVD Rentals

The way we watch movies has changed in so many ways over the past several decades. When everything switched from VHS tapes to DVDs the experience of watching films at home took a huge leap forward. But…..not quite far enough. I think we are experiencing a new transition now with Blu-Rays and streaming and I […]

More of the Same

Still trying to come up with a good band name. A friend suggested the “Spice Boys” which I was considering. Anybody have any good ideas? Ian and I are talking over some cool ideas and trying to see how much spare time we can afford to work on our music projects. We have been really […]

Band Name Ideas

Ian and I are very seriously looking for some cool band name ideas. We have been performing at Cuppa Coffee all summer and are getting to the point where we think we may as well give ourselves a name. I am hoping to come up with something pretty soon so if you have any thoughts, […]

Back Pain

My back is killing me today. Gosh…..I think it is because I didn’t get to bed until pretty late last night. I really need to see a chiropractor. Never have before so I am really hoping they will have some sort of miracle cure. Thus far almost everyone I know with similar ailments uses medical […]